Meet Janice...



I am passionate about helping others!


Through a variety of healing modalities, I can help you to heal and connect with your higher self and the higher powers, unleashing the subconscious blocks and barriers that are holding you back.


I am a healer, born to help humanity. 

It's who I am and what I do. 

Want a better life?


Let me help you.

"I was


to help others."



"By assisting people to awaken and change what’s inside them, they can reprogram their minds to flourish, therefore becoming the best they can be.  In doing so, they are creating a more positive lifestyle."


Tantra however teaches unconditional love, human connection, intimacy, communication, listening to and understanding your partner in both your everyday lives and in the bedroom. 

That means it's a partnership where the purpose (as a couple) is to be as conscious and connected as you  possibly can be.


Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal force. It is a healing technique based on the principals of channelling energy to a patient by the way of touch. 

Access Bars


Access is a set of tools designed to teach us to be totally present in all areas of our lives without judgement of yourself or anyone else, by living in a state of allowance. By unlocking ourselves from limiting beliefs, conditionings and imprisonments, we can free our thoughts, feelings, and emotions to function from infinite possibilities and choice.

ThetaHealing® Technique


The ThetaHealing Technique is a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy with the intention of getting closer to the Creator. It is a training method which allows you to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts.