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  Belly Dancing with Jalayla

Jaylala has been Belly dancing for over 30+ years, starting as a teenager.

Her stage name is Jaylala, meaning “Beautiful flower”, a name given to her by the Arabic band she used to travel with and dance at live events.

She started professionally belly dancing in 1978 in Edmonton Alberta and has been teaching and dancing in nightclubs and restaurants in Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto and Venezuela as well as other countries.

On the West Coast, she studied with the talented Aziza from San Francisco, a student of the famous Jamileh Salimpour. Over the years she has attended a variety of workshops including Jamileh Salimpour and her daughter Suhaila of Los Angeles, the late Ibrahim Farrah and Najwa Fouad from Egypt, Cassandra, Hadia and Aziza from Montreal.

In Edmonton, Jaylaya was in a TV production of Dancing with Joyal called “Arabian Fantasy” where she came out of a basket slithering like a snake.

She was also the Choreographer and a principal dancer the in the Watertown Theatre Production of The Arabian Nights, “ Scherazade’s Tales “ which was on stage from November 11th to 26th, 2005.

Jaylala believes that the movements of bellydance are suitable for every age and every body type.  She believes that each women has a Goddess inside of her. 

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